Thursday, November 2, 2023

favorite things

my favorite things 2023

We are all obsessed with this puzzle table. It has drawers for sorting your pieces and can fit right under a bed for easy storage when you aren't using it.

This sandwich bag organizer is amazing. Any parent who has a drawer 
with busted boxes will be thrilled to have this under the tree.

Everyone in our family LOVES this game. It's for kids and adults alike. 
Work your brain against each other or time yourself and beat your own records.

We literally use this daily. It is easy, no mess and way better for you than the microwave.

These are the best for my boots and birks! SO soft and perfect.

We aren't fancy enough for one of those big ones but this one does the trick. We keep it in our pantry but it is small enough for your countertop. We love ours and use it every day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I apologize for rarely posting to this space anymore. I feel like no one stops by. Facebook and instagram are updated frequently with my work for anyone interested. You can find all of my packages with the price and description as well as link to the contract here.

I figured I would make this post a one stop shot as well for anyone looking to book a session with me who hasn't before.

I am first a mom and wife and second I am a home school mom. Then, here it's me, a photographer. :) I pride myself in the simplicity of my work, fast turnaround time and I think I'm pretty easy and fun to work with. If you like what you see, shoot me and email or go ahead and snag a spot if you see one open that works for you. Once your contract is in and your deposit is sent, you are on my calendar!

If you were to ask me today what my favorite session is I would probably say a simple studio session (feel free to click the link to see the contract and read more info.) in my tiny in-home studio. It is set up with lots of white and some greenery around a metal twin size bed. The main focus isn't the backdrop. I have to say that is true for all of my sessions but I love my crisp white and neutrals here. This one hour studio session is great for milestones ( sitting, birthday, etc.), maternity or just updating those family or kiddo photos.

But if you ask me tomorrow- I will likely tell you how much I love an in-home lifestyle newborn session. Capturing those first few weeks at home with a newborn- their nursery and everything I wish I had captured of my own two babies. You see, I love all of my sessions and I just can't pick a favorite. I do think these are slowly becoming my top contender though.

That brings us to newborns. I think my most popular studio newborn session right now would be my simple newborn session. This is focused on baby and more of a lifestyle feel. We aren't turning and posing baby and putting him/her in buckets, etc. It typically lasts about an hour and siblings are more than welcome and encouraged for family shots.

Posed studio sessions are a little more in-depth. I typically have an assistant in the studio with me when she is available and these can last from 1-3 hours. While I love these sessions and still keep them on my calendar, I do not have as many spaces for them as I used to. (Home school life is tough y'all!) If this is your number one session choice- be sure to get in touch soon so we can get it on the calendar!

I do offer full one hour outdoor sessions on location. These are offered in Durham and the surrounding areas. While I do have a couple of places I typically shoot, I'm always open to suggestions. These are most popular in the fall but I do shoot in the spring and summer as well. If you are local or want to travel to South Topsail in June-August, I'm your girl! Family and seniors are most popular with this session package.


Last but not least is I think my most popular- mini sessions. I offer several themed indoor (studio) winter sessions as well as other outdoor minis throughout the year. Mini sessions are typically booked on a specific date and time and are back to back. I do these in 20 minutes and always still have a *very* full gallery to send to you. Santa sessions are super popular and I have him booked for TWO days in 2020. Mark your calendars for November 21 and 22! I will also still have my tree farm minis as well as pajamas. As for spring and fall, keep an eye out of the dates posted on Facebook!