Sunday, February 8, 2015

Batman Bruce {9 days new} Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

I am so behind on blogging my 2015 sessions. I will be doing so very out of order! I think I will start here... For obvious reasons. :)

Oh sweet Bruce. It is always fun to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. Mom and dad brought some adorable Batman props along and wanted something for a canvas in the nursery. 

Thankfully, Bruce loved being on his belly and I was able to execute this super cute bum in the air, cape on his back, shot! Bruce was totally chill and totally sleepy! I barely saw his eyes the whole session.

My go-to is neutral. If mom and dad tell me to pick for the first setup, I always tend to lean so much more towards the neutral and organic poses and colors. I absolutely LOVE it. But like I said, it's also fun when clients bring stuff or pick bright colors to make me step out of that as well. (And it's even more exciting when the babies are amazing and let me do what ever I want with them without ever seeing their sweet little eyes!)

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