Sunday, March 13, 2016

Newborn Session {Bayleigh - 1 week old} Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

Newborn Session {Bayleigh - 1 week old} Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

When you get an email at 8am from a dad wanting newborn photos and his baby girl is already 7 days old.... You tell him to wake her up, keep her up and be there in three hours- send them a prep guide and make it happen!
And boy did we make it happen. She was perfection at her session. This is what I call a shot gun session because of the lack of prep. I had to set up while they were feeding. I was swinging blanket colors and props at them. Y'all, we finished this session in an hour and a half.

It is so important to follow the prep guide before your session. Baby girl was mad at mom and dad but was sound asleep once she got that milk in her when she got here. Not all babies are going to sleep for me, but you have a much better chance of that happening if you prep for your session.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Newborn Hunter {9 days new) Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

I met Hunter this week. Have I mentioned how much I love snuggling these newborns so often?! He was not really in the mood for sleeping during his session. I did manage to get some sleepy poses though and I am so glad I did not give up. I told him he was not going home until I got him to sleep, but none of my tricks were working! Finally, after mom fed him four times and two hours later, I managed to get him to sleep for a few minutes!

Every baby is different. Not every baby can go in all of the poses you see on my pages or on pinterest. If I do not feel comfortable attempting a pose, I will not. Safety is always first. If a baby is the least bit resistant to a pose, I stop and move on. I hope parents understand this with each session and no one is disappointed! I think Hunter's session turned out great and I am so pleased with his final images. I love love love the props his mom and dad brought along. The puppy hat was the cutest thing ever!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Newborn Calvin - Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

9 day new Calvin was here this week. What a dream he was. I've started mostly doing newborns through the first year now as I didn't want to let my photography passion take too much away from my family passion. I've stopped doing as many sessions as I was doing for a while and really learning more about the art of newborn photography. Every session is different and I love them all so much. I hope you enjoy these sweet images I got of Calvin.