Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LSP Update and Maternity Leave

I am behind by 11 [ELEVEN!!!] newborns on my blog since my last post in July! I think I will do a baby photo dump right here for you because they were all fabulous!

How about a little update on LSP!!

I have hired Amanda on as a full time assistant now for all of my full newborn sessions. She has been amazing to work with and I feel like my sessions flow much more smoothly and efficiently! I am also training my amazing husband as a backup if her nursing duties get in the way of my sessions. You would be surprised, but he loves it!

I also wanted to share a little information on my maternity leave. Sweet Remi is due in February. I am not booking anymore newborns in advance after the first of December due to being big and uncomfortable and not likely able to get down into positions I need to get into for the shots I love. If you want to email me as your baby is born or closer to the due date in December or January, please feel free to do so and I will book you as I feel comfortable.

That being said, I *hope* to return to newborns and studio sessions fairly quickly. I will not be openly booking anything far in advance until I am comfortable but I will tell you now to not hesitate to ask! If I am feeling up to it mid to late March and you are OK with me possibly needing to take a nursing break, I say let's do it!   I can't stay away from these babies for long!

I will be booking milestone sessions in the studio through January and possibly the first of February. I will not be booking anymore travel sessions at this time until further notice. I am pretty much fully booked for 2016 with a few weekday openings in December. I will likely do another round of outdoor mini sessions in late Spring 2017 (read: Mommy+Me minis again!!!)

Thank you all for your support and hanging with me!

Enjoy my last several babies that never got a chance to have their own blog post!