Friday, July 11, 2014

Zoey S. {4 days and 6 days new} Durham, North Carolina Newborn Photographer

I know sweet Zoey's parents from highschool. They live only a few minutes from my house and I drive by (way too often) on my way to Target!  She called and asked for some boxes for something and  I asked if I could bring my camera when I dropped by. I was going to snap a shot or two if we could get her posed since her big brother was napping. All I took was my beanbag, a couple of wraps and headbands and my camera. Even the blanket we used was hers. She was eating when I got there so I decided to take my bag outside and find a shady spot to "set up." I literally shot for all of 20 minutes and got some super cute pictures of her for mom and dad to blow up and put with the canvases they had printed from their maternity session. (That was a legit, scheduled session!)

Here is Zoey at 4 days new in her back yard!

Well... mom couldn't pick a favorite to blow up and we talked about how cool it would be to do them in the same field as their maternity photos! Well... 2pm rolled around and it was cloudy and my kiddo was heading down for nap while hubby was home... I called and said "is she sleeping?!" She was and we met there ten minutes later.

Here is Zoey at 6 days new! (Literally another 20 minute session in the field!)

and here you have May 6th vs. July 11th!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Harper R. {14 days new} Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

Harper was born two week past her due date and then had to stay in the hospital for jaundice! I was on my yearly vacation with my entire family! (The week I typically head to the beach for most of the months of July and August!) I had planned to come home for a day when I got the call that she still wouldn't be home in time. Then, Hurricane Arthur made his appearance on the island and I wasn't going to leave my family there alone. So, we rode him out at a category 2 and all was well.

I wont lie when I finally talked to Heather about setting up the session I was in a panic and my OCD was a mess! How could I get a 14 day old to sleep?! I swear by my "less than 10 day" rule! Do I get my friend to do the session for me or go for it?! I talked to Heather a lot and she wanted to wait it out and hope for the best. I promised her good images, even if they weren't the typical "sleepy newborn" images as long as she was OK with it.

Last night ( the night before the session) I emailed to set up a time that worked best around her "sleepy" time. I told her we could feed often and her response was "yes, we will probably have to!" Ok, don't panic, Lauren... You've got this... I had everything set up and ready and I could do this. Even if she didn't sleep, right? Yep, still nervous. lol

Guess what, I got her RIGHT to sleep after eating and she NEVER even peed or pooped on me!!!! This baby ROCKED her newborn session at 14 days new! Will I start booking 14 day olds? No way! haha. But I am SO thankful it turned out how it did and couldn't have asked for a sweeter session than today!