Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cousins [ South Topsail Beach, NC ] |

A rainy day at the beach beats a rainy day anywhere else... I decided to take my nieces and nephew along with my daughter out to the beach to try to get the annual beach photo of the four of them that I attempt each summer.

It all started with my mother in law, sister in law and myself measuring out paper and getting frustrated trying to pick canvas sizes for a gallery wall. (Have you ever done that?!?! too much work!) Then we took all four of the kids newborn canvases out and were about to hang them in the kitchen. Let's just say they aren't my best work and I've come a long way since they have all been born. Well, I did two of them.... but anyway... I thought to myself how cool it would be to do a huge canvas of all of the kids.

The weather was perfectly gloomy so 5pm was totally OK to head out and shoot- that meant all of the kids were still happy. Typically you can't shoot on the beach until well after 7pm when most kids (not mine!) go to bed around then. Even better in the equation the tide was going out... perfect tide pools and reflection pools. I couldn't have created a better equation myself.

I ran home and got some clothes for RQ and something Lilly could wear and started talking it up to the kids. Cookies... jelly beans... you know the deal. I then decided I was going to take them by myself. Kids listen to anyone better than their own parents, right? So yes.... I strapped all four kids onto the golf cart with no shoes on, took them to my secret beach location (they thought that was the coolest part!) and we headed out to the beach. I just have to say they were SO well behaved. I think I need to start taking all of my kids for my sessions alone.

I think we stayed for all of 20 minutes and then they started to be "done" and not really looking at me or falling for any of my photog tricks. I still think it was my best session to date with all four of them and I cannot wait to see the huge canvas in the beach house at my in laws!

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