Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Sessions OPEN for booking

Happy New Year! I am so excited to start 2019 with a bang. I cannot wait to meet new faces and see so many of my newborns through my lens as they grow!

Here is a little housekeeping as to how things are going to go this year -

I have listed all open mini session dates through May at this time. Although, I have tagged some of them with a theme, for the most part, you can use it for whatever you wish. For example if it says "Mommy and Me" I will be bringing along a few books, a quilt, etc. to be used but you do not have to.

Studio sessions are 20 minutes, $200 and include all edited images. Galleries are typically between 10-20 images. Outdoor minis are 20 minutes, $250 and include all edited images. Galleries are typically between 25-50 images.

Mini sessions do not leave time for outfit changes, prop setups, banners, cakes, etc. Please reserve a milestone session if these are necessary.

CLICK HERE to book a studio or outdoor mini session


You can read more about my newborn and milestone
sessions as well as my travel No Fun in Perfection session here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Outdoor Mini Session Update

I wanted to let you in on a little LSP housekeeping. I think you will be happy with the news. As you may have read in my contract for mini sessions- I have been asking my clients to pick 10 images from the proof gallery with the option to purchase more. I just don't like the feel of this and I WANT to give you all the images. Some sessions have 10, 15 or 20 but I have even had some mini sessions with more! I am here to say I am doing away with proof galleries!! All mini sessions that have booked with me from here on out will receive ALL of your edited images. 

That being said, I will be raising the prices slightly (not too much, I promise!) for 2019 as my style has changed and just 5 or 10 "cheese" pictures is not what I am offering you in these mini sessions. I want you to have that raw emotion, those giggles, those laughs and I want you to have it all. And YES, I can and do get those in a twenty minute mini session. Many of my past clients can vouch for me! 

This will not include holiday themed mini sessions. The pricing on these will stay the same and have a completely different contract in the future.

I can't wait to see you all in the coming days and weeks!!

There may still be a few mini sessions available- The new price *is* reflected in this contract.



Monday, September 24, 2018

Here comes busy season!

I am so excited for FALL to be here! I kicked off Fall mini sessions last night. Unfortunately one of my sessions was sick but the two that were able to make it were stunning as usual! I am doing my mini sessions at the same location as last year sans props (again!). I have moved a direction in my work of simplicity and focus on you. I want the focus to be on your emotions, your love, your giggles. It doesn't matter what is in the background and I'm not surrounding you with pumpkins and gourds because I want to capture YOU. I think the majority of my work has turned to this and I love it. I do still have my pajama mini sessions with a few small props but overall, the main focus is still the cuties in their pajamas. Here are a few shots from last night and I can't wait to see everyone else this fall. I do still have a few weekday spots open so grab them HERE while you can!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Catching up!

Hey everyone!! It has been a while since I shared over here! I have kept up on Facebook but tend to leave this little ol' blog in the dust. Here is some of my latest studio and non-studio work! I can'tfa believe the summer is over and Fall is upon us. Here comes busy season!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

No fun In Perfection Sessions

These are some of my new favorite sessions. I call it the "No Fun in Perfection" because you don't have to have the perfect house or the perfect hair cut, makeup or smile.... this sessions captures real life. Some of it is posed and some of it is not. It does help if there is good window light in your home, but if there is not, we can make it work! What I like most about these sessions is I think the reflect on the family so much. We can do these sessions with newborns, a new house, just married, etc.! I have found they are so much more relaxed for siblings of newborns. Here are some of my most recent sessions. You can book yours here! If you don't see a time slot that works for you, shoot me an email and we will work it out!