Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Harper R. {14 days new} Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

Harper was born two week past her due date and then had to stay in the hospital for jaundice! I was on my yearly vacation with my entire family! (The week I typically head to the beach for most of the months of July and August!) I had planned to come home for a day when I got the call that she still wouldn't be home in time. Then, Hurricane Arthur made his appearance on the island and I wasn't going to leave my family there alone. So, we rode him out at a category 2 and all was well.

I wont lie when I finally talked to Heather about setting up the session I was in a panic and my OCD was a mess! How could I get a 14 day old to sleep?! I swear by my "less than 10 day" rule! Do I get my friend to do the session for me or go for it?! I talked to Heather a lot and she wanted to wait it out and hope for the best. I promised her good images, even if they weren't the typical "sleepy newborn" images as long as she was OK with it.

Last night ( the night before the session) I emailed to set up a time that worked best around her "sleepy" time. I told her we could feed often and her response was "yes, we will probably have to!" Ok, don't panic, Lauren... You've got this... I had everything set up and ready and I could do this. Even if she didn't sleep, right? Yep, still nervous. lol

Guess what, I got her RIGHT to sleep after eating and she NEVER even peed or pooped on me!!!! This baby ROCKED her newborn session at 14 days new! Will I start booking 14 day olds? No way! haha. But I am SO thankful it turned out how it did and couldn't have asked for a sweeter session than today!


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