Saturday, March 1, 2014

Newborn Session {Twins C+C} Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

This was a wonderful session. These sweet twins, Channing and Colton were so good and so was big brother, Collins! Little sister was awake for 85% of our session but we certainly managed to capture her wonderfully. Thanks to my amazing friend Heidi from over at Heidi Joy Photography I had an extra set of hands for posing and assisting me with this session. I couldn't do twins without her! These sweet twins were 9 days old and only about 5 lbs each! I'm so excited to have two more newborn sessions scheduled for this month. It has been so nice transforming my kitchen into a mini studio! It really makes all the difference in the world being able to have my large space heater as well as knowing my lighting is going to be good instead of wondering what I'm getting into when I go to new placed. I'm thankful my husband doesn't mind moving our super heavy dining room table into the living room and my clients don't mind a table in the living room. ;) I hope you enjoy my work! I can't wait to finish up this families session and send it on over to their dropbox!!!

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You can also see their maternity session from just two weeks ago here.

Collins wins as best big brother and easiest photographer toddler in my book!
A family member knit this adorable pea pod for this sweet family! It was so sweet!

Mom and Dad brought along some orange props to represent their college colors!

Channing in her adorable bow from

Those lips! This sweet hat is also from

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