Monday, January 6, 2014

Newborn Session {Baby J- 8 days old} Durham, NC Photographer

This sweet family contacted me two days ago. They were in the state adopting their sweet new baby boy. We met today at my house to do the session as they are traveling and did not have anywhere to do them. I completely enjoyed the session at my house and am totally going to offer that to any future newborns that are interested. It's tiny and cramped but it worked out great and I love the fact that I control the lighting and know what I have to work with before I get somewhere! I hope you enjoy just a couple of peak for now.

My goal for 2014 is more newborns! I think I am starting the year off with a bang! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when the babies sleep so well for me and I can put them in bowls. ;) *This is why it is SO important to do the session as early as possible and certainly no later than 10 days old!

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