Thursday, November 2, 2023

favorite things

my favorite things 2023

We are all obsessed with this puzzle table. It has drawers for sorting your pieces and can fit right under a bed for easy storage when you aren't using it.

This sandwich bag organizer is amazing. Any parent who has a drawer 
with busted boxes will be thrilled to have this under the tree.

Everyone in our family LOVES this game. It's for kids and adults alike. 
Work your brain against each other or time yourself and beat your own records.

We literally use this daily. It is easy, no mess and way better for you than the microwave.

These are the best for my boots and birks! SO soft and perfect.

We aren't fancy enough for one of those big ones but this one does the trick. We keep it in our pantry but it is small enough for your countertop. We love ours and use it every day!

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