Some may find it silly. I will admit I thought it was odd when clients have asked me to do them in the past. I had so many troubles breastfeeding my first child and it broke my heart. I didn't have any education on how or what or when... she had reflux and most likely looking back a dairy intolerance as well. It killed me when I stopped. I wanted this SO bad this time around. I wanted it so bad I was scared to want it. I was shy (yes, me!) I was scared, I was nervous... I didn't want to get my hopes up and spin into postpartum depression (again) for what I considered failing ( No! It is not failing if you don't breastfeed!). Because yes, I felt like I failed her. I know I didn't fail her and you know what is best... feeding your baby. However you feed your baby is best. Don't let hospitals, doctors or nurses tell you different. Don't beat yourself up if you don't want to breastfeed or if it doesn't work out for you. The day I quit with Riley and gave her formula was THE BEST day of the five weeks I had had her. This time around is completely different. Every baby is different. Breastfeeding is hard. It is time consuming and it can be exhausting. But to me it has also been the most rewarding and amazing bonding time with my sweet boy. I am so so thankful this has worked out and so so thankful for all of those who have supported me through this journey so far. My goal in talking to my husband when I was pregnant with Remi was three months...I told several people when I was pregnant that if I had "that baby that couldn't have dairy I would quit!" Nope. I cut it all out. (and I LOVE cheese!) Here we are six months strong with no end in sight. I wanted this image because I wanted this time documented. I am proud of myself. I am so thankful for an amazing and supportive husband. 

I will do a nursing session either in the studio as a milestone session or on location as a basic session. If I am offering mini sessions and you would like to do a nursing session at that location, please let me know and we will make that work as well. These sessions are near and dear to my heart.


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