Posed Newborn Sessions

I pride my work on the simplicity of a newborn. I do some simple posing as well as sometimes wrapping baby and always am sure baby is happy with the pose. If a baby does not like the way I am moving them, I stop. If there is a pose you love, I will attempt it but I do not force baby, therefor we may not always get every pose you see in my work in your specific session.

I find the best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 5-14 days of life. At this time, babies are still sleepy and usually easier to position into poses. A full session will last between 1.5 and 3 hours. This allows us to take as much time as needed and not feel rushed. It will also allow time for feedings if necessary. (Please let me know if baby boy has a scheduled circumcision as we want until the end of the two weeks to allow time to heal before posing.)

I typically photograph my newborns sans clothing/diapers. You may want to bring a change of clothes for yourself in case of an accident. :) If you have any special outfits, hats, bows, etc you would like your baby photographed with, please feel free to bring them along and I will be happy to try to work them in. 

Newborn sessions are typically done Monday- Friday mornings around 10am. Since most babies are happiest in the mornings, it helps to keep the session running as smoothly as possible. I also suggest in my prep packet (you will receive upon booking with more details) to keep your baby awake prior to your session as well as waiting until your arrival for feeding. 

My studio is kept at 85 degrees for newborn sessions in order to keep babies comfortable while they are undressed and being moved/posed. Please be sure to dress comfortably yourself. You are more than welcome to bring a change of clothes for after your family portion of the session. It gets HOT. 

My full newborn package is all inclusive with digital images. Email me at LaurenSoignetPhotography(@)hotmail.com for more information on my prices.

I hope you enjoy some of my images of these sweet little newborns!

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